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Wrecker Service for North Georgia

Truck Beds and Accessories for North Georgia

truck beds and accessories north georgia

About Us

Turpin's is family owned and ran on a daily basis. Matthew Turpin is the owner of Turpin's Wrecker Service and Garage & Body Shop. His son, Alan Turpin is serving along side him as the manager of the day to day operations. Alan recently started his own business, known as "Turpin's Garage & Sales." 

Matt has had over 30 years of experience in the 24/7 wrecker service and the mechanics of the body shop. While, Alan completed his Bachelor's Degree in Industrial Engineering. Together, they have been able to combine their expertise to help their community and those surrounding them, whether it's unlocking a vehicle at 3AM or finding the right truck accessories.


As a family owned company, we pride ourselves in being able to offer the best in mechanics and roadside assistance. We do everything in our ability to go above and beyond customer expectations with the utmost integrity, knowledge, skill, and dedication. Turpin's is here for any problem that you may have with your truck or truck accessories.

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